Saturday, July 27, 2013


Time passes like nothing, even now that I am back, back in an office chair. The days since the arrival in ZRH were not much less extraordinary than the 102 before; they were similarly packed. Much of the time was spent on meetings with friends, shared beers and BBQs or on demanding fights in the local beach volley fields. And yes, next to some casual office hours, I managed to finish the long awaited time-lapse movie!
Brace yourselves, this movie is quite packed with input and emotions - at least for me. On 102 days of my journey, I took a picture of myself. Now, all these pictures have been put together - to keep me dreaming and to make you wanna go see the world. Of the roughly 4'500 pictures which I took, the video includes only a very small share. Should you be interested in more stories/pictures/details - I have plenty. In 102 days I have acquired a significant knowledge about e.g.; how to ride and fix a motorbike in Vietnam, how to avoid jailtime in Laos, or how to kayak in the Himalayas during monsoon. These insights are ready to be shared...

too fast? - watch again ;-)

At this point I would also like to thank you all for reading my blog this patiently. What once started with the intention to keep a few friends and family posted, soon gathered a surprisingly big community of readers. By now the blog has more than 2'000 klicks - still counting, thank you. Sources are various, going from Switzerland over Russia to South Africa...

Whenever this domain will be activated again, you will be most welcome to tune in.

in great appreciation of all the feedback, 


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