Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ICONSPEAK goes live

From dirt to shirt - a crazy story...

Some very loyal readers of this blog might remember the following post - titled "Motorcycle Diaries": http://horntobewild.blogspot.de/2013_04_01_archive.html

If you read it once more or if you simply recall it very well, you will remember that my friend Flo and I had an amazing time on our fake motorcycles with fake licences in Vietnam... And you might also recall that we stranded once during a monsun storm in the outback - lost and with only one bike running.

This story and the many other encounters where we could not be helped with speech, inspired us (and some spirits, yes) to actually come up with something hyper simplistic that would allow anybody to talk to anybody - functional and simple communication. Just as we did it on a paper block back then (see picture). The easiest and purest form which requires no charging, no software updates, no internet connection what so ever - is clothing.

So we came up with ICONSPEAK. You will see we really "just" took a set of most essential icons and put them on a shirt - as simple as that. And yet, it may sound simple, but there was quite a thought process going into the desing - and we got a third member to our team, helping us out with lots of valuable inputs from a design/graphics point of view. Welcome a board Streit!

The Story of the shirt and the background of the business is explained in more detail on the blog of the online store - go and have a look.



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